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Welcome to What Poker , the best online poker blog on the internet. We have made certain to provide you with everything you need to know in order to become a successful poker player in one place; here you will find in-depth analyses, comprehensive articles, advanced tips and strategies, poker basics, regular updates, and the list of the best online poker rooms on the web! The mission of What Poker is to help every prospective online poker player become a satisfied professional. Therefore, browse, stay, enjoy! What should be said about poker that hasn’t been discussed already? The game has a curious history, and many unknowns are still out and about. as ever, lack of resources is the issue here, but here is what we know and what we may reconstruct.

Poker History

The first game to resemble the poker of today was invented indeed in ca. 900 A.D. in ancient China. It had a form of dominoes, with the rules similar to modern poker (or, should we say, vice versa). It was a popular hobby, which seventy years later evolved into the game of domino cards, introduced by the emperor Mu Tsung in 970 A.D. There is a huge gap here until the fifteenth century, around which time the game called Pogue was popular in France. Three centuries later, it arrived in Canada with French colonialists, eventually reaching the U.S. The rules of Pogue have changed over time, but there is no doubt that the game was a direct predecessor of modern poker.

The term “poker” was introduced by the nineteen century prisoner Jonathan H. Green, who brought the first poker game to the Mississippi River after being released. From there, it spread further downstream, and eventually ended up as the most popular card game ver. As a direct result, modern poker has many variants, many of which are being played both in land-based and online poker rooms and casinos.

Benefits of online poker

Actually, it was online poker rooms that brought even wider fame to poker. Being accessible 24/7, 7 days a week, online poker rooms have come closer to people who would normally never travel to a casino for a game of poker. As for proven poker players, they find this new opportunity a good option, as the majority of online players tend to multitask. Plus, online poker rooms offer free deposit bonuses, which enables even the greatest skeptics to play without a care in the world.

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